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Lethbridge Twinning Society

Culver City, California
Culver City, California is our American Twin city. We have lots of events connected with the Culver City in our society: mutual visits, celebrations, etc. (here we mentioned some of them). Please, check this page regularily for the new exciting events!

Culver City's Centennial Celebration visit
September 23 to October 02, 2016

It was a great honour and privilege to be invited to our Sister City, Culver City to participate in their Centennial Celebrations.

Five members of the Lethbridge Twinning Society were able to make their way to Culver City on September 23rd. The Culver City Sister City Committee had arranged every detail of our visit and once again, we were impressed and very well taken care of. We were guests until October 2nd.

On our arrival, (September 23rd ) we were welcomed to a "Meet and Greet" that was held at the historic, Culver City Hotel. The Mayor of Culver City, Jim Clarke welcomed us and the other invited guests from the other "Sister Cities" of Culver City. The Mayors of Kaizuka, Japan, Uruapan, Mexico were in attendance, as were representatives of the city of Capo d'Orlando, Sicily. (Capo d'Orlando are presenting themselves as a future Sister City to Culver City.)

(L-R) Culver City Mayor, Jim Clarke, Sonia Karroum, President of the Culver City Sister City Committee, Rosario Milone, Tourism Delegate from Capo d'Orlando, Sicily. (Italy)
(L-R) Harold Pereverseff, President of the Lethbridge Twinning Society, Kathleen McCann, Culver City Sister Cities Committee, Marie Leyva, Former President of Culver City Sister City Committee.
September 24th the "Opening Ceremonies" for the Culver City Centennial began. We were up early and prepared for a parade. We were lined up for the parade procession along with delegates from the other "Sister Cities" of Culver City. It was a warm and beautiful day, a perfect day for a parade. We were amazed at how many people were actually in the parade, most walking the parade route. With that many in the parade we wondered if there were any Culver City residents left to actually watch the parade! As the parade started, were joined by Lethbridge Mayor, Chris Spearman who had arrived in Culver City the night before. As we made our way along the parade route we saw several familiar faces of friends whom we had met on previoius Culver City visits and also those who had visited Lethbridge at some point in time. After the parade, the opening ceremonies began as we were welcomed by Culver City former Mayor, Paul Jacobs who is the President of the Culver City Centennial Celebration Committee. The opening was held, open air along Culver Cities, Main Street. We heard from Mayor Jim Clarke, Julie Lugo Cerra (Founding member of the Culver City Historical Society) Mayor Gonzalez from Uruapan, Mexico, Mayor Fujihara from Kaizuka, Japan, Mayor Spearman from Lethbridge, and Rosario from Capo d'Orlando, Sicily. We also heard from Steve Levin, President of the Culver City Board of Education, Holly Mitchell, State Senator, California, 30th District, Jerome Horton, Board Member, California State Board of Equalization, District 3 and Scott Houston, Director, West Basin, Municipal Water District. The Master of Ceremonies, Mike Cohen did an excellent job keeping the ceremony on tract and adding his humor that kept the crowd engaged even in the heat of the day. Immediately following the ceremony, we went to the Culver City Hotel where we enjoyed a wonderful buffett lunch, listened to a music group and were treated to an impromtu song by Culver City Councillor, Megan Shali-Wells. We had a short time after the lunch to relax and then we were off to Marina Del Rey for a special dinner hosted by the Culver City Sister City Committee.

(L-R) Warren Pereverseff (LTS), Kathy Stauffer (LTS), Dr. Gary Stauffer (LTS) Harold Pereverseff (LTS), Ashley Guerrerro (CCSCC) Matt Brown (CCSCC), Cheryl Pereverseff (LTS)
It was a "banner day" for a parade and our members proudly walked the parade with banner in hand. (L-R) Dr. Gary Stauffer, Warren Pereverseff, Cheryl Pereverseff, Harold Pereverseff, Kathy Stauffer
Historic Culver City Hotel
(The Munchkins" stayed in this hotel during the filming of the famous movie, "The Wizard of Oz")
Master of Ceremonies – Mike Cohen "Mr. Culver City"
Mr. Paul Jacobs President of the Culver City Centennial Celebration Committee
Mr. Jim Clarke Mayor of Culver City
Canada meets Sicily in front of the Culver City Hotel
Chris Spearman, Lethbridge Mayor at Culver City Hotel with statues of Harry Culver and wife and child

The reception was a treat to a wonderful meal, and an opportunity of celebrating all of the Sister Cities connecting to Culver City. Mayors from Kaizuka, Japan; Uruapan, Mexico; Lethbridge, Canada and the Tourism Delegate from Capo d'Orlando, Sicily. The venue at Marina Del Rey was incredible, as the sky darkened, we were dazzled by the lights of boats in the harbour as they maneuvered in and out of the docks. There were some formalities and speeches all in the spirit of Sister Cities and the special centennial celebrations of Culver City. Capo d'Orlando may become Culver Cities, newest Sister City, it is very encouraging to see that Culver City is reaching out to extend their Sister City base. Cudo's to the Culver City Sister City Committee and Culver City Mayor, Jim Clarke and the Culver City, City Council.

Sonia Karroum, President of the Culver City Sister City Committee and Harold Pereverseff, President of the Lethbridge Twinning Society Make presentations at the reception.
Seated with the Paul Jacobs, President of the Culver City Centennial Committee, a great time of fellowship around the table.
We were home stay guests in two very welcoming homes. In the spirit of true Sister City relations, citizen diplomats open their homes and their hearts in extending the hand of friendship to guests from abroad. The two Canadian families were welcomed by these Culver City Sister City Committee members.

Edward and Marla Wolkowitz great friends and hosts of the Pereverseff family
Bob Knopf host for the Stauffer family
Members of the Lethbridge Twinning Society attended Culver City, City Council on September 26, 2016 in recognition of Culver City's Centennial.
September 26, 2016

(Photo L-R: Dr. Gary Stauffer (LTS), Vice Mayor – Jeffrey Cooper, Kathy Stauffer (LTS), Council Member – Meghan Shali-Wells, Culver City Sister City Committee President, Sonia Karroum, Warren Pereverseff (LTS), Mayor – Jim Clarke, Council Member – Thomas Aujero Small, Cheryl Pereverseff (LTS), Council Member – Goran Eriksson, Lethbridge Twinning Society President – Harold Pereverseff)

A celebratory plaque from the Lethbridge Twinning Society was presented.

Congratulatory messages were read on behalf of Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder, MLA, Hon. Shannon Phillips and MLA, Maria Fitzpatrick.

It was a great honour to present the messages from our elected officials, who recognize and support our Sister City relations with Culver City, CA established in 1989.

Michael Bennett and Harold Pereverseff at US Consulate.
Delegation visit from the Culver City
May 24th to 28th, 2016

May 24 to 28, 2016 - Delegation visit from our Sister City, Culver City, California will be in Lethbridge. Further information >>

Meeting at the US Consulate
Calgary, Alberta - March 20th, 2015

On March 20th Director for Culver City Relations, Michael Bennett and Harold Pereverseff were invited to a meeting at the US Consulate in Calgary.

We had the opportunity of sharing the vision of the Lethbridge Twinning Society and updating the US Consulate with respect to our Sister Cities in Culver City, California and Great Falls, Montana.

We met with Casey Bohn and Deanna Cameron Duboque both of the Public, Press, Educational and Cultural Affairs section at the Consulate.

The meeting was most successful and we look forward to a continued collaboration and cooperation between the Lethbridge Twinning Society and the US Consulate.

25th year of Culver City Sister City relationship anniversary
November 5 - 12, 2014

Culver City Sister City Committee has invited us to join with them in celebrating the 25th year of our sister city relationship. A delegation visit has been planned for November 5th to November 12th. We are asking members of the Lethbridge Twinning Society to consider this trip and have as well extended the invitation to residents of Lethbridge who may wish to experience the "sister city" experience. Please hurry to reserve your spot in the delegation, we are considering delegates on a first come, first served basis. We will be joined on this visit by Councillor, Ryan Parker and his wife.

Please see the below noted link for further information.

LTS Culver City 2014 Sister City Exchange Trip Brochure

Culver City Sister City Committee's 50th year anniversary
January 12, 2013

The 50th year anniversary celebration of the Culver City Sister City Committee was celebrated on January 12, 2013. The members of the Lethbridge Twinning Society were very honored to be invited to join in the celebration.

Four of our members attended in Culver City for the celebration, Dick Reimer, Michael Bennett, Terri DeMerchant and Harold Pereverseff. His Worship, Mayor Rajko Dodic also joined the Lethbridge delegation.

We were kept very much involved during our visit to Culver City. We arrived on January 9th and were hosted in the homes of Culver City Sister City Committee members. Truly a memorable and enjoyable experience. We returned back to Lethbridge on January 16th.

The "three amigos" arrive in Los Angeles Airport and await pick up by Culver City hosts (Harold, Michael, Terri)
His Worship Mayor Rajko Dodic has discussion with Bill Boerum (Sister City International Board Representative) and Nadia Scipio del Campo (Government of Canada - Consul from the Consulate General of Canada, Los Angeles)
Dedication of a "Sister Cities Directional Sign Post" in front of Culver City Hall.
Culver City Sister City Committee - Chairperson, Marla Wolkowitz at plaque unveiling in front of the "Sister Cities Directional Sign Post"
The dedicated commemorative plaque
His Worship, Mayor Dodic and Ms. Sick. Sick is a Culver City resident, however her husband's family at the Sick's from our Lethbridge Community (Fritz Sick..etc.)
Michael Bennett, His Worship, Mayor Rajko Dodic, Terri DeMerchant, and Consul Nadia Scipio del Campo (Consulate General of Canada - Los Angeles) in front of the "Sister Cities Directional Sign Post".
Terri DeMerchant (Lethbridge Twinning Society) and Consul Nadia Scipio del Campo (Consulate General of Canada - Los Angeles)
Alberta/Canadian "gift package" prepared for a silent auction at the anniversary event.
Diane Paris from the Culver City Sister City Committee wears a western hat as she serves up "Lethbridge Chile" to the general public at the "Lethbridge Room" in the Culver City Vet's Hall.
C.Maria del los Angeles Galindo Ayala a delegate from the Culver City, Sister City of Uruapan, Mexico is very happy as she fashions a Canadian Top Hat at the Lethbridge Room in the Culver City Vet's Hall.
Gary Silbiger (center) of the Culver City Sister City Committee host visitors in the Lethbridge Room at the Vet's Hall.
Maureen Genteman (Left) and Natalie Shaby (Right) serve up "Canada Dry - Ginger Ale" at in the Lethbridge Room at the Vet's Hall.
David Shaby, busy at the "Hockey Night in Canada" section of the Lethbridge Room at the Vet's Hall.
Information table for guests at the Lethbridge Room at the Vet's Hall
Sonia Karroum (Culver City Sister City Committee Board Member) in the Iksan City, South Korea Room at the Vet's Hall.
Sharlene London (Culver City Sister City Committee Board Member ) in the Kaizuka, Japan Room at the Vet's Hall.
Donna Thayer (Culver City Sister City Committee Board Member) in the Iksan City, South Korea Room at the Vet's Hall.
Three dedicated Culver City Sister City Committee Board Members, Marla, Natalie and Sonia.
His Worship, Mayor Rajko Dodic and Hon. Andrew Weissman, Mayor of Culver City.
L-R - Terri DeMerchant (LTS), Harold Pereverseff (LTS), Bill Boerum (Sister Cities International), His Worship, Mayor Rajko Dodic (Lethbridge) Hon. Mayor Andrew Weissman (Culver City), Michael Bennett (LTS)
Marla and son Michael
Michael Bennett and David Shaby
Marla Wolkowitz
David and Natalie Shaby
Michael Bennett, His Worship, Mayor Rajko Dodic and Harold Pereverseff
Harold Pereverseff and Michael Wolkowitz
Terri DeMerchant ..... Dinner time decisions!
His Worship, Mayor Rajko Dodic
Harold Pereverseff and Sharlene London
Michael Bennett, Terri DeMerchant and Donna Thayer (4:45AM!!!! Being dropped off at LAX)
Serious day at wine tasting in Malibu
Harold Pereverseff rising to a "Georgian Toast" at wine tasting picnic in Malibu

The Lethbridge Twinning Society is working with Sister Cities International to promote peace, harmony and friendship among cities in Canada and cities in the United States and Mexico.

Last year, the Tri-Lateral Youth program saw students from Kingston, Ontario, Burnaby, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta exchange with their sister cities in Tempe, Arizona, Mesa, Arizona and Phoenix, Arizona. This year, the program runs with Vancouver, British Columbia, Vernon, British Columbia and Lethbridge, Alberta with their twin cities, Los Angeles, California, Modesto, California and Culver City, California.

Lethbridge Twinning Society President, Harold Pereverseff was selected in 2010 to work with Sister Cities International in Washington DC. The role he plays is "Country Co-ordinator Canada". 2011 was the very first time that Canadians participated in the program, and it was a huge success. The program is ramping up for 2012.

Three students and one chaperone from Lethbridge will be selected to participate in this unique opportunity. Not only do the Canadian students visit their sister city for two weeks in July, the last week of the three week program sees them visiting Washington, DC. The students are involved in plenary sessions along with students from the rest of Canada, California and Mexico. The students range in ages from 15 to 17. The students last year returned home, energized and ready to tackle the world as true "Youth Ambassadors". This is all with thanks to Sister Cities International and the US Department of State who sponsor the entire program.

During the program, students discuss common issues that exist in their communities, economy, social issues,poverty, homelessness and environmental concerns. Some of the program is directly "hands on". Last year the hands on aspect had a huge positive impact of the students.

Students are encouraged to consider a project when they return home, something related to what they had learned during the three week program.

We will keep you posted on the students selected to be Lethbridge's Student Ambassadors.

Please see: Youth Ambassador Program: Trilateral North America

Visitors from Culver City
September 24, 2012

Carol (L) and Natalie (R) representing our Twin City – Culver City, California, visited Lethbridge and on September 24th they stopped by the "Culver City Memorial Tree". The ladies gave their nods of approval and found the plaque of commemoration to be very fitting.

Vince Hunt the newly appointed Director responsible for Culver City, California relations is congratulated on his appointment by President, Harold Pereverseff while out-going Director responsible for Culver City relations, Bob Hironaka looks on.

July, 2008

Read some impressions of Lethbridge Twinning Society trip to Culver City (CC) June 29 - July 12, 2008

April, 2006

Read the story "Natalie Shaby Lands the Double Axel and Strikes Gold" about Natalie Reimer Shaby, who helped us form the friendship with Culver City, U.S.A.

August, 2005

July, 2002

We traveled to Culver City, California as a group by a super modern, charter motor coach leaving Lethbridge the morning of June 30, 2002. We returned to Lethbridge on July 11, 2002.

Are you ready for the "Twelve days of Culver City 2002"?

One the first day of Culver City 2002...
"...We were 47 in number, all anxious and waiting in the early morning sun at the Fair view Safeway Parking lot. The Tot-em Transportation Charter Bus, sparkling clean had arrived on time, it was too late to turn back now......we were going to do it! Doug had come to see us off, and we would see him again in Culver City as he and Mayor Bob were flying due to time restraints. Yes, we boarded the bus and our driver, "Captain Al" fired up the engine and we were off, exactly on schedule at 07:00 AM, June 30, 2002..."

If you want to read the whole story, please, click here

Our new group to travel to Culver City!
Lethbridge Delegation to Culver City Celebrate Canada Day while enroute!

In August, 2004 the Lethbridge Twinning Society has been asked to host a number of young hockey players from Culver City. These hockey players are planning on attending the Sutter hockey school in Coaldale!

In the winter of 2004 we are hoping that a number of youth from Culver City will come to Lethbridge and enjoy skiing in the Rocky Mountains!

In July of 2005 the Lethbridge Twinning Society will be hosting our friends from the Culver City Sister City Association. Currently we are planning the activities and events for visit. 2005 is the centennial year for the Province of Alberta, so we will have and extra special celebration visit with our friends from Culver City! One of our suggested events include a stay at a guest ranch in the foot hills of our majestic, Rocky Mountains. We have visited the ranch called "The Bloomin Inn". The host and hostess are just wonderful people and they have outlined the typical day on the ranch that visitors can expect. EXCITEMENT!

Now top that off with a suggested horse trail ride, and an opportunity of seeing an actual night sky while roasting "wienies" and marshmallows on an open campfire! Our city folk visitors from Culver City will marvel at the sounds of owls "whoing" and the coyotes as they howl in the night air! Our Director responsible for Culver City relations also suggests we serve up flame roasted potatoes... you through whole potatoes into the hot coals of a campfire, they roast. You take these roasted potatoes, peal off the charred skins and the cooked potatoes is yours to savor! YUMMY!