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Upcoming Events
  1. Rachael Harder invitation to a free pancake breakfast
  2. August 25, 2017

    Members of the Lethbridge Twinning Society have received this very gracious invitation from our MP Rachael Harder. We hope that many of you will be able to participate.

  3. City of Great Falls, delegation visit
  4. September - October, 2017

    City of Great Falls, delegation visit - Brandy Old, our Director for Great Falls relations has this for us:

    Keeping with the high spirits between Great Falls and Lethbridge, we are thinking of organizing a non-sponsored visit to Great Falls sometime in the fall. We will be driving across the border, so you must have a valid passport. The trip will be on a weekend, and you will need to pay for accommodations. The trip, without shopping, should cost no more than $300. If you are interested in participating in the trip, please follow the link below to complete a short survey about potential dates.

    If we have enough interest within the group, Brandy Old and Harold Pereverseff will be in contact with Charity Jacobson and the ACIR to organize an itinerary. It is great to see such a strong relationship being formed with a Sister City, and we encourage everyone to continue building a strong relationship with Great Falls.

  5. Culver City, California - closing Centennial celebrations
  6. September 16 - 23, 2017

    See the attached "invitation" from former Mayor of Culver City, Jim Clarke.

    Michael Bennett, our Director for Culver City Relations is planning on attending, and the invitation to others is certainly open.

    Michael Bennett has been in contact with Marla Wolkowitz, the Culver City Sister City Committee Director for Lethbridge Relations. Marla recently sent this information to Michael: "find online related to published activities of the Centennial. Go to http://culvercity100.org/events/ for the calendar. It appears there's a big day in the park on September 16 and a Closing Gala on the 23rd.

    For a number of us, not too many, Rosh Hashana will begin in the evening of Wednesday, September 20 and ends in the evening of Friday, September 22. That will impact those that observe and will be attending service Wednesday night and Thursday at the very least.

    I am checking with the Centennial Committee and our new President Nancy Perdomo-Browning (see the cc) for guidance and will write again when I have something to share."

    For now folks, if anyone has any interest in going to Culver City for their closing Centennial celebrations on September 16 and/or September 20 - 22nd. Please contact Michael Bennett - mbreport@me.com or text/phone him at: 403-808-8435.

  7. Indigenous Bridges: Traditional Music and Dance Performances by The Blackfoot nation and The Ainu People of Japan
  8. August 11, 2017 - 1:00PM

    Members of the Ainu, indigenous people predominantly from the northern island of Hokkaido, Japan, will be visiting Lethbridge and Calgary to hold traditional music performances this August.

    To promote understanding of the indigenous culture of Japan, and in line with the sister relationship long-held between Hokkaido and Alberta, the Consulate-General of Japan in Calgary has invited 3 members of Ainu Art Project, a group formed in 2000 that promotes traditional Ainu culture via dance, music, & handcrafts to Alberta. Working in partnership with Galt Museum & Archives, Blackfoot Nation, and the Calgary Japanese Festival Omatsuri, Ainu Art Project will be performing songs on stage using the Mukkuri and Tonkori, traditional Ainu instruments.

    They perform traditional dance and music. Very colourful and very unique. This event will take place at 1:00PM at the Fort Whoop Up Center.

    There is no charge for their performance, however regular admission charges apply for entry to the Fort Whoop Up Center.

    The LTS may have the opportunity of hosting the Ainu performers at a Bar B Que, however this is not confirmed as their schedule is yet to be fully determined by the Consulate General for Japan's office in Calgary.

  9. Local Lethbridge Taiko group, HIBIKIYA, to travel to Great Falls!
  10. April, 2017

    The Lethbridge Twinning Society is celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary in a unique way. In collaboration with Lethbridge's authentic Japanese Taiko group, HIBIKIYA, they will be travelling to our Sister City, Great Falls, Montana this coming weekend. The City of Great Falls is hosting their 38th Annual "Ice Breaker Road Race", an event which, since 2006, members of the Lethbridge Twinning Society have participated in.

    "We value, greatly, our established Sister City relations with Timashevsk, Russia, Culver City, California, Towada City, Japan, and our newest 'Sister City', Great Falls, Montana (2014). With this being Canada's 150th anniversary, the Lethbridge Twinning Society is celebrating and wants to share a unique opportunity with the Great Falls community," says Lethbridge Twinning Society President, Harold Pereverseff. The Lethbridge Twinning Society has been invited by the City of Great Falls, Park and Recreation Department, to the Ice Breaker Road Race, and at the venue, HIBIKIYA will be performing throughout the day. The performances are being offered free of charge, in the spirit of the Lethbridge community extending the 'hands of friendship' across the United States border. "We are very grateful to have the support of the Canadian Consulate in Denver, Colorado (which oversees Montana) in this extension of 'Sister City' relations with Great Falls," says Pereverseff.

    HIBIKIYA, under the direction of sensei, Bryan Pereverseff, is an authentic Japanese Taiko drumming group that performs original Japanese Taiko which has been gifted to them from their sister groups in Lethbridge's "Sister City", Towada City, Japan. HIBIKIYA is affiliated with and supported by the Southern Alberta Taiko Society.

    The Great Falls participation is actually a troika of Sister City relations (Lethbridge, Towada City, Japan, and Great Falls, Montana), and is a unique way of celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary while building meaningful relations between the Lethbridge and the Great Falls communities.

  11. Ice Breaker Road Race - Great Falls, Montana
  12. Sunday, April 23, 2017

    Save the Date! Join members of the Lethbridge Twinning Society as we head south to our Sister City, Great Falls, Montana to participate in there "Ice Breaker Road Race". The road race is your choice of a 1 mile walk/run, a 3 mile run or a 5 mile run. Registrations and details to follow. Usually the cost of registration is around $20.00 (US) and this includes your registration, a long sleeve "race tee shirt" and a bag lunch. Registrants are also eligible for draw prices. The 3 and 5 mile races are competitive and there are cash prizes for the winners.

    Those interested may e-mail: hcbmkwaq@telusplanet.net

  13. "Wings Across Montana" bird festival - Great Falls, Montana
  14. June 9, 10 & 11, 2017

    Save the Date! The City of Great Falls will host the "Wings Across Montana" bird festival June 9, 10, 11 2017 at the Heritage Inn. 300 to 400 people will attend. More than 25 birding hikes will be offered. There will be a variety of speakers and a dessert auction will be held.

    This is an invitation for our Sister City friends in Lethbridge.

    Additional information will follow. If need be, you may contact Ms. Kay Silk of the City of Great Falls, "Advisory Commission on International Relations" @ 406-453-0545