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Our greatest events in 2007

  1. Christmas Banquet

    Once again the members of the Lethbridge Twinning Society had a great evening together as we enjoyed our annual banquet.

    This year we had a pot luck dinner! So many dishes were brought, so much delicious food! Our special guest speaker this year was Captain Scott Dawson. He shared his experiences in Bosnia and in Afghanistan with us. The light hearted evening moved along quickly and after a few games, and a fun gift exchange and more food, we called it a wonderful evening. This year we had a chocolate fountain that added just a little special treat (a quite a few calories) to the festivities. It was great to see our visitors join us, and we appreciate the members who invited them to join us.

    Click here to see the photo album of our Christmas Banquet.

  2. Session Wind Up party

    On December 17th, 2007 Natalya and Stephen held a Session Wind Up party for the Russian Language classes as taught by Natalya. The party was a "Russian Party, where Russian foods including, salads, borscht, pickled herring, along with Russian chocolates, cookies was all enjoyed. Tea from a Russian Samovar was brewed and yes, some "Georgian Toasts" were made!

    The fun evening was both enjoyable and informative as we were introduced to two families both originally from Russia and now living in Lethbridge. One family told us that prior to leaving Russia they were aware of the friendship relations between Timashevsk and Lethbridge as they had discovered this over their Russian internet! One family was exactly form the same region in Russia where Timashevsk is situated.

    The Russian classes are scheduled to resume in the new year. Please feel free to join in!

  3. Fund raising event

    On Saturday, December 08, 2007 the Society held a fund raising event at the Lethbridge Centre Shopping Plaza. We sold coloring books.

    SPIDERMAN joined us, and not only boosting sales, he was a big hit with all...even with Santa! It was an enjoyable afternoon and a great opportunity of promoting the Society in a very fun and interesting way! All members of the Society are encouraged to participate in our fund raisers, working together to promote and achieve our many projects in our community.

  4. Celebration of the Emperor of Japan's birthday

    On Wednesday, December 05, LTS members, Carol, Laurel, Cheryl and Harold attended at the celebration of the Emperor of Japan's birthday. The regal event was elegant and well attended. The gracious hosts, Consul General Hori and his wife along with dignitaries including the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Norman Kwong and his wife; Consul Generals of China; United States of America; Austria; representatives of other twinning organizations; and other distinguished guests made the evening event a huge success. The entertainment and food were first class. The LTS always presents the opportunity to our members of joining us on these special invited events.

  5. Visit from Timashevsk, Russia

    On November 02 to 04 Tataiana Ponomareva a resident of our sister City in Timashevesk, Russia visited Lethbridge. Tatiana has a long lasting relationship with our twinning society. It was Tatiana who provided interpretation services for us as a delegation when we visited Timashevsk in 1992.

    The Photo album of the visit

    Tatiana is a retired teacher from Timashevsk School No. 1. She currently still teaches privately and in particular teaches English to her students.

    Although Tatiana had a short visit, members of our Society certainly made her welcome and extended the most gracious hand of friendship. We are certain that her visit was both rewarding and will be memorable to her. We only hope that Tatiana will be able to visit again, and that her next visit will not be as brief.

    "Frendly Visitor" article, The Lethbridge Herald, November 04, 2007 about the event

  6. Delegation from Towada City City, Japan

    On October 27, 2007 a group of 17 students and 3 chaparones arrived in Lethbridge from Towada City City, Japan. The Students were guests of teachers, parents and students from Wilson Middle School. As a continuation of student visitations from Towada City City, this delegation was represented the third visit.

    This year the weather cooperated and we did not have snow or extreme cold weather. The students were excited to meet their host families and to participate in the activities. The chaparones were busy as well.

    The Lethbridge Twinning Society were able to present gifts to each student, and this year we presented warm touques, as we expected the weather to be much colder. We were able to spend time with the students and chaparones and on Halloween evening we met the chaparones and took them out for the evening. We made a stop to "Red Dog Diner" where we enjoyed some fresh hot dogs before embarking on our journey to the "Haunted Mansion" in Stirling, Alberta. A town approximately one half hour away south from Lethbridge. After being scared to death in the "Haunted Mansion" we made our way back to Lethbridge where we had a pizza party dinner and exchanged gifts and became better acquainted.

    The Lethbridge Twinning Society appreciates the student visits that have been taking place on a bi-annual basis. We hope to further support these visits in the future.

    The Photo album of the visit

  7. "Geographically Separated - Globally United"

    On September 15, 2007 the Lethbridge Twinning Society held an unveiling ceremony at to dedicate and finalize our sign project. The sign is designed as a community education project in which residents can visibly see the established friendship relations that our great city has with cities throughout the world.

    The sign identifies the Twin Cities, and each sign actually points towards that particular city. The mileage and the country flag exists on each sign further educating the public as to the national origin and distance from Lethbridge the cities are. There is a plaque affixed to the sign base which is inscribed, "Geographically Separated - Globally United" This is what we as a Twinning Society strive to do, unite friendships throughout the world and to bring peace, goodwill and understand between all peoples. We feel we can accomplish these goals by education, visitation and by simply extending the hand of friendship across our border.

  8. ACFA assists in unveiling of the Twin Cities Sign Post

    Association canadienne-française de l'Alberta Régionale de Lethbridge kindly assisted in unveiling of the Twin Cities Sign Post. The article about the event was published in 'Le Franco' a French weekly newspaper in Alberta.

  9. The Sign Post is coming!

    The Lethbridge Twinning is very close to the fruition of yet another project, the Sign Post.

    The idea began when our Director for Towada City City Relations attended at conference of Sister Cities International in Spokane Washington in 2005. She saw a sign post there depicting cities that were associated in a twinning relationship with Spokane. Did we steal the idea? Well, maybe, but regardless, our sign is unique! Not only will the sign depict our three twin cities of Culver City, California, Timashevsk Russia and Towada City City, Japan, the sign proudly relates Great Falls, Montana, Habareu, Japan, Saint-Laurent, Canada and Anyang, China.........and we hope that the list of cities keeps on growing with the need for another sign post!

    The attached pictures were taken directly after a news release on Friday September 7th that will air on Global News On Monday, September 10 (Mark Campbell). We only had one sign with us to illustrate the color and design of the signs as developed of Joseph Palate! Joseph was very pleased with the colors and the way the signs turned out! So are we and we hope that so will everyone else who sees them in the future!

    Please remember to be at the corner of 6th Street and 4th Ave. at 9:30 on Saturday Morning, September 15, (in front of the Bank of Montreal Building) when we will have the official Unveiling of all the signs!

  10. "Volunteer Appreciation" Evening

    Glen and Johan hosted 23 people for a "volunteer appreciation" evening. The cooler and rainy evening moved us indoors to Glen's garage (extremely well organized... we are envious). The volunteers were recognized for their support of the upcoming Alberta-Japan Twin Municipalities Conference. After the fresh Taber Corn and steak pot luck dinner was enjoyed there was time for briefing and last minute details for the conference. Then we had fun making paper cranes under the direction of Jean, Laura, Michelle and even Kyle who caught on extremely fast! The cranes paper cranes made will adorn the tables at the Conference! (there is a Japanese proverb that states if you make 1,000 cranes good fortune will follow...... after last evening, most of us only have 997 more cranes to make!)

    Last evening was another indication of our member's good will and commitment towards our goals.

  11. Annual Whoop-Up Days Parade.

    On August 21, 2007 Lethbridge Twinning Society members did themselves proud in the annual Whoop-Up Days Parade. The very respectable float was decorated by members the evening before and we also enjoyed some refreshments and pizza! But the focus was parade day, and we were ready. This year we were presented with a plaque proclaiming that we were awarded 3rd prize as most entertaining entry.

    Bryan led the Taiko drummers (Kaze No Rhythm) during one hour and a half of non-stop performance.

    Congratulations and thank you to all the members who participated this year!

    Special thank you to Class 1 Driving School Ltd. for providing the trailer and rig to pull the trailer for us again this year.

  12. The 2007 Whoop-Up Days Parade Held in Lethbridge on August 21st. The award for receiving 3rd place for being the "Most Entertaining Entry"
    LTS Member Karl rides "shot-gun" in the rig pulling the float, driver, Mark from Class 1 Driving School Ltd. gave us a smooth and safe ride along the parade route. Members on the float for the 2007 Whoop-Up Days Parade Held in Lethbridge on August 21st.
    LTS performance on the float for the 2007 Whoop-Up Days Parade Held in Lethbridge on August 21st.
    It's show time! The drummers performed for the local television station which was aired several times.

  13. Fund raising BBQ at Save on Foods.

    On July 07, we held a fund raising Bar B Que at Save on Foods. We had excellent support from our members who came to assist with the flipping of hot dogs and serving the pop. We raised close to $300.00. Thanks to Save on Foods for their generous donation.

  14. Meeting at the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce

    Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce - On Wednesday, June 27, Carol, Vince and Harold attended at breakfast meeting of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce. We had been invited to attend and provide a presentation with respect to our Society. Carol, Vince and Harold all had the opportunity of addressing the gathering of about 40 Chamber Members. We focused on the Alberta/Japan Twin Municipalities Conference to be held in September. We feel that our presentation went well, and we did receive positive feed back.

  15. Ice Breaker 2007

    Click here to see saved picture from reat Falls Tribune On-Line Members of the Society attended the 28th Annual Ice Breaker Road Race in Great Falls, Montana, on April 22, 2007.
    Last year three of us went down and we had a great time, it was fun, exciting and as competitive as you wanted it to be! It is a fantastic way to meet people. This is something everyone can participate in and at the same time, “Fly the Flag” so to speak for Lethbridge and our Society!

    See also the article in "Great Falls Tribune - On-line" - Ice Breaker: Thousands enjoy 'beautiful day' and pictures gallery there. For more pictures, please click on link: Ice Breaker - 2007

  16. Lethbridge and National Globalism

    A special plenary session sponsored by the Lethbridge Twinning Society was held on March 29, 2007 at the Lethbridge Public Library, Theatre Gallery. The purpose of the session was to recognize and celebrate the diverse cultural nature of Lethbridge. A wonderful evening of goodwill and understanding was enjoyed by all whom attended.

  17. Burkina Faso Canada Japan Netherlands Russian
    The United
    States of America
    The Society wishes to extend our thanks to the guest speakers who participated in making the evening the huge success which it was. Members of the Society extended themselves in this project, and we wish to recognize the efforts in particular of Jennifer, who not only promoted the session but also our excellent M.C. for the evening. Special thanks go out to members, Ruth, Maisie, Kimberly, Cheryl, Alexander, Marisa, Carol and Harold. You worked together proud to serve the Society, and your efforts are very much appreciated.

    It was our honor and pleasure to have Mayor Bob Tarleck as well as Alderman Tom Wickersham come to address the session and to extend their greetings.

    Thank you to Global Television who came to tape and provide a news story on the session.

    Last minute preparations. Guests arrive as the speakers prepare to commence the session.
    Mayor Bob addresses the audience. Alderman Wickersham.
    The distinguished panel of speakers for
    the National Globalism Plenary Session.
    Jennifer moderating the speeches.
    Key note speaker - Dr. Anthony explains in detail the issue of National Globalism Key note speaker - Dr. Daniel explains transition from his home in Burkina Faso to Life in Canada
    Ron expresses his Dutch ancestry in an animated fashion Elma introduces two youth who are refugees from Afghanistan
    Elma expresses her role at Flexible Learning Systems, a centre where English as a Second Language is taught. Chuck reinforces similarities and significant variations between Canada and his homeland, USA .
    Lioudmilla (Lucy) and her impassioned experiences as a Russian immigrant to Canada . Dr. Yoshitaka (Taka) expressing the humorous side of his arrival to Canada from Okinawa , Japan .

    A person attending the session rose during the panel discussion and expressed, “ I appreciated the session very much, I came from a background of resident Albertans, some refer to us as “Red necks” …..not me but my brothers and sisters…….. anyway, this session opened my eyes, and I believe I will be more tolerant and understanding towards the immigrants I encounter in the future”. Upon hearing just one comment like this, it made the entire session worthwhile, and indicates that the evening made a difference, at least for one person attending!

  18. Visit to Lethbridge of the Premier of Alberta, the Honorable Ed Stelmach

  19. On Friday, March 16th on invitation from the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce, Maisie, Joseph and Harold attended a luncheon at the Lethbridge Lodge Convention Centre. The occasion was the visit to Lethbridge of the Premier of Alberta, the Honorable Ed Stelmach.

    Maisie and Joseph at the reception luncheon. Harold at the reception luncheon.
    The Honorable Ed Stelmach Premier of Alberta. Attendees rise to a standing ovation welcoming the Honorable Ed Stelmach Premier of Alberta.
    Joseph meets Hon. Premier Stelmach. Maisie is greeted by Hon. Clint Dunford, MLA Lethbridge West.